Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Lots of pics, few words..... before - after the cracks were fixed

the first of two undercoats - the country green was a lot darker than I realised...

We had to have professional mould treatment done before anything could be done. The ceiling after two coats and my neck was bad....

such a big room - so many surfaces to paint.....

couldnt believe the old color coming through the decorative cornice - lots of dabbing.....

first undercoat down.....

 the dresser before......

the original carpet was threadbare and looked worse than i thought as the painting went on....

not so easy to see but the gorgeous duck egg blue - Cloud Wisps.....

the original light fitting i had in the room I bought on ebay years ago (originally from Freedom) for under $30 - still there as I havent organised an electrician to put my chandelier in - difficult to get one around Christmas time......

two of my many cushions - the grey/yellow a bargain for $10 and my gorgeous blue velvet find from a local op shop for $5....

i sanded and spray painted the king bed and bedsides saving me a lot of money- but have since changed the knobs....

the duck egg blue crackle ceramic knobs from the UK - an ebay buy costing me less than buying from Australia......

the bed and bedsides  - as soon as i could put them in i did.....

also the new carpet as a last minute decision paid for mostly by a work bonus otherwise i woud have had to keep the old carpet for a while. the curtains are ikea linen on sale for $20 a pair as they were ex display (nothing wrong with them) and I sewed a panel of linen purchased on ebay onto the bottom and the drop is 3mtrs - love how they billow when the breeze blows through the window.....

the bed made up with a linen and white stitch quilt cover - one of a few different ones I have, but Im still looking for the perfect one.....
ahh bliss - i love it. still have my standing in the door staring moments.....

two ikea ottomans at the end of the bed with a floral duck egg blue/natural/white fabric. I love my home sign from bed bath and table....

what would this post be without featuring my gorgeous inspirational linen chair - she'd feel left out not being in on this (as she has been in many other posts).......
my little display area thanks to gorgeous letitia from the white shed who came to visit me before this began - to help me with some ideas and who gave me inspiration to kick start me off on this bedroom makeover, among other style updates in my home (coming soon)....
I already had these lamps from Target, but may update the shades to something larger maybe in silver.......

mmmmm linen......
my napkin from One Rundle Trading.......

the dresser now with my paris postcards framed that I won via Emma Burgess's blog a while ago and my french script candles from The Shabby Creek Cottage Etsy shop....

the mini drawers i did a makeover on and posted about last year......

my gorgeous duck egg blue velvet cushion from Laura Ashley in a sale late last year for $40 and my beautiful white linen ruffle cushion made by Mel who is the sister of Letitia from The White Shed - these are for sale in white, black and natural on Letitia's online store.....

french style carry basket a gift from my sister and one of the gift tags I make......

one of my favorite finds for the room, these wool pompoms displayed in an old maison jar from our old shearing shed. the pompoms were purchased from the US from nippykat via her etsy store......

part of the inspiration for the color and my desire to eventually add in some yellow touches was from these blocks I purchased from lisa from ledamae's madeit store......

my daughter gave me these gorgeous flowers for Christmas - everlasting beauty......

ohhh that velvet cushion.......
So if you're still with me I have one more update before I sign off......
(dont you love the dry harvest/farm hands!!)

M and I are engaged!! after almost 11 years together and friends for 30 years.........

I havent posted since August! i feel somewhat guilty but it is what it is, no excuses, no reasons, just an easy decision to do it when i can and keep enjoying it.  i have loved reading your journeys over the last few months and know i will continue to.
I have some additions for the bedroom so will be busy with these - first is a chest of drawers given to me by my girlfriend. i just need to sand, spray paint and put on the paris drawer knob!. also on the lookout for some roman blinds, a rug and to put in a pop of color with a runner on the end of the bed and some art. I'll keep you updated......
Take Care
Rebecca x


  1. The room looks lovely Rebecca and congrats on your engagement!! Xx

  2. Eeek!! Congratulations on your engagement, what wonderful and happy news (LOVE your beautiful ring)!!! Also, on a side note... this bedroom reno / makeover is just stunning. My favourite colour and the details are just exquisite (not to mention the ceiling..*sigh*). You should be so proud and thrilled with the results, Rebecca!! Well done you ~ xx

  3. LOVE it all!! Great to see all of the photos. You have done a wonderful job. Nice to see the ring re-sized and on the right finger too. xx

  4. You've done a great job on revamping your bedroom. It looks lovely. Congratulations also on your engagement. Ange

  5. Hi Rebecca, congratulations on your engagement and your bedroom looks lovely, nice work on the makeover. ;-)

  6. Hi Rebecca, I have just gound your blog via Paint Me White and it's just beautiful. Congratulations on your engagement, how very exciting for you. 've loved revamping old things for years but have never done anything about it so I have great admiration for everyone out there who shared the same passions that I do, but throws caution to the wind and shares their love with others. I've only just set up my own blog - only 4 posts in. Pls visit sometime and say Hi Really looking forward to spending more time looking at your beautiful photographs and reading your stories. cheers Helen

  7. Beautiful! You have created such a stunning, inviting space. Just gorgeous.

  8. I love it - so serene with the pale blues and whites.

  9. Hi Rebecca!
    Wow! I missed this post, congratulations! First on the engagement and second on your beautiful make over!
    Love the colour choices and of course your linen chair, and the ring, wow! When is the wedding? Hope you keep posting to let us know, all the best, hugs, Maureen xx

  10. Hi Rebecca!
    You've done a wonderful job on the bedroom. I love the colours...very serene and pretty.
    I also love how you painted your bed and bedside chest white.I've been umming and aahing about doing the same with ours for a while now, and I think you've given me the inspiration I needed...they truly look lovely :)
    Kindest Wishes

  11. Congratulations! Also love the bedroom, what a transformation. Very much my taste, colours, style and love the gorgeous ornate ceiling. What a beautiful room. Gx

  12. You’ve been really busy with a make-over in this bedroom. But it’s all worth your effort that it turned out to be this wonderful. It’s really nice to keep in touch with this page. I am able to pick up new beautiful ideas as I apply it on my own.

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  13. Can I please ask what is the paint colour and brand used on the walls? Thanks.

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