Saturday, December 4, 2010

Before & After # 6 Painted Bookcase!!

I posted about this and received varying comments, but everyone suggested I paint them white....
Here is what I started out with before the decluttering and tidy up....

 Bad light was a big problem...but the tidy up helped for the time being

 I decided to use a little of my chosen bedroom wall color, Wattyl Inner Peace, and added it to Dulux White on White. This is after I had finished the pine bookcase - it needed less coats than the older piece which needed four plus undercoat.
 Wattyl Inner Peace - love that name
 A small amount of the books awaiting the new look
 I put up this cheap light shade to lighten the space for a temporary fix as I already had it lying around
 Getting there....
 The space is light and fresher already...
 It appears french grey in color at night when its darker in the space

Im really pleased with the results. Though the pictures dont do it justice, the space is much more up to date and more what I was wanting. Just need a camera to show it all better! This took me a lot longer to do than I anticipated, so was very happy to have it done, and another project off the list.....
Thank you for your lovely comments recently, I love them all. My son Dylan was very surprised by all of the birthday wishes, and says thank you.
Rebecca x
Enjoy your week


  1. It looks great Rebecca!! The space is so much brighter and I love the way you've organised the books so neatly on your shelves - bet you smile every time you walk past them :)

  2. I love the colour you have used Rebecca, it looks gorgeous! I just love how you have your books displayed and available for such easy access. This is something I would love to have in our home...hopefully when we extend. It sounds like it was a lot of work to paint the bookcase, but it certainly looks worth it! It looks fabulous. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead ~ Tina xx

  3. What a lovely transformation! It sure looks so much better now! Have a glorious day, Kellie xx

  4. Rebecca, that does look really good. You are fortunate to have such a lovey wide hallway to accommodate so many books. I don't envy you the painting job but it was a job worth doing.

    Pamela xx

  5. Wow what an amazing hallway! I love the painted's amazing how much lighter it all appears. I can relate to your comment about things taking a lot longer than expected...sometimes I have a great idea and think it will be finished in a day but that never happens. Anyway congrats on a fabulous the books too. Cheers Kym X

  6. What a beautiful addition to your home Rebecca! I think the pictures really show an amazing transformation. I adore your ceiling!! You totally inspired me today. xoxo

  7. I would kill for your wide hallway, I practically have to walk sideways through mine (okay slight exaggeration), and your bookcases look fantastic. The hard work was worth it.

  8. Wow that looks fantastic Bec! Well done. Love the hallway too. Also love the bookends from my shop! Letitia x

  9. The new lightshade and lighter bookcases look terrific. So much lighter and fresher. Great colour.

  10. WOW Rebecca what a transformation, I love it. books are such a fabulous decorating item as well as a great way to relax, now they really shine on you lovely book cases!!

  11. I'd like to paint myself 'inner peace'. Do you think it would work? We painted our old home 'Self Destruct'. Love the colour but not the name. Wouldn't paint myself that colour!
    Great transformation! Tick! Another job off the list!
    X Briohny.

  12. They look soooo good, beautiful! And I love the name of that paint, just saying it feels good!

  13. Looks really great. Inspiring :-)
    Good job!

  14. Wow! What a difference you have made and such a spacious area. Love it!

    Pam x

  15. What a difference. And I love, love, love your ceiling!