Saturday, May 29, 2010

Inspirational Rooms

I will be looking at decorating our bedroom in a few months (have just had some cracks repaired, so need to wait for it to completely dry before painting). Have some ideas, and a vision in my mind. Duck egg blue, linen, and white - a slight french look, with a classic, romantic feel. Its always been my favorite room to decorate, as its where i retreat to when i need some space and calm. A little like this photo.


  1. omg u havent changed much at all huh!! which is a good thing mind u :) i remember u and i pouring over those country home magazines for that gorgeous bedroom and the white kitchens u remember that..seems like ages ago now hey :)
    i found some of those today whilst sorting through and throwing lots of stuff and thought of you!
    hope ur doing well ..sounds like you are