Monday, May 31, 2010

Our babies

We have 3 dogs, and four cats, 2 geese, and 14 chickens.

Riley is our black labrador - easy to please (just throw anything for her to retrieve), and follows you everywhere. She is so easy to teach and listens to everything you say. My girl....

Izzy (Isabella) is a siberian husky, with a racoon face, two brown eyes, and a lovable nature. She hates being told off, and leaves the room at the slightest conflict or noise. She also loves cuddling, and sneaks off, where we find her on our bed having a snooze. As she is quite fluffy (we think there is malamute in there somewhere) she tends to get warm if the fire is going, so finds where its cool. Everyone takes to her straight away.

Maia is Izzy's sister, but looks completely different with her one brown, one blue eye. She is the aloof one, who listens when she wants to, and is constantly up to mischief. She is tall and struts with style until a leaf blows in the breeze and she is jumping and pouncing trying to catch it. There is constant effort from her to be the dominant one in every situation and she is constantly failing! Loves her 'Dad' and strives for his attention all the time, enjoying nightly cuddles with him on the leather lounge.

Our cats are Bella (the frowning, grumpy one), Sine' (our cuddly, purring, fussy eater), Zelda (the outside old girl, who is a fighter, but keeps her distance - except from me), and then theres our only boy Bert (the cuddly tough one who has survived two snake bites, and loves to sleep in my sons room - misses him still now he lives away).

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