Saturday, June 19, 2010

Somethings Gotta Give

Love this movie...great cast, excellent storyline, but the house is just gorgeous!!! I loved all of it - and found it difficult to watch the movie while taking in the decor at the same time. Have now watched it many times. The style, colours and design are the very things I love in a home - not sure what style this is - traditional/eclectic maybe? It seems a lot of bloggers love it also. Some of the gorgeous rooms....


  1. gorgeous! Have you seen "It's Complicated"? The set is amazing!

  2. No I havent seen it yet. Just had a look at pics of the house thought - it looks great though, thank you..Love the kitchen and bedroom (the velvet throw!)

  3. Love this house! If only I could find a home with all these elements. It would be divine!