Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do I Paint Them or Dont I???

HELP!! Im in need of some suggestions and advice as Im not sure whether to paint the bookshelves in our hallway or not! Im swaying towards painting them but keep holding back - always been a bit indecisive...
Unfortunately due to the carpet throughout the hallway/passage having to stay for some time yet - there's gorgeous jarrah under all that shag!!! - there arent many options to lift and brighten the area. Not sure if I should paint it white or just leave it and freshen up the books and place better items on them. Would like to hang some photos/pictures above in frames - either grey or white maybe - and all neatly placed.
Would love to hear what you think.....
The view from the kitchen/living area. I will be looking at better lighting options as this middle area (its a t shape) is quite dark.

WHAT A MESS!!!! I am so ashamed......

This is the view from the lighter top end outside the master and a guest bedroom looking towards the kitchen/living area..

The Carpet - hmmmm...

The front door - though not used as the main entrance - the back door is! Just outside our bedroom and a guest room on the left. Much lighter due to the windows. Sorry about the photos, not easy in this light.
Would appreciate hearing what you think.


  1. Get painting Bec! I think it would look great. Sorry, I will always say paint! Come up for a look at the house one day. Teesh x

  2. Hi Rebecca! No fair saying you're ashamed since you told me the same thing today when I complained about my kitchen! Definitely, definitely paint them. Is there a way to paint them a shade that will be white but still contrast with the walls so they pop a bit but still lighten the space? Re your books, I read (but have not done this to my books yet) that if you group books by color rather than size, the collection looks more cohesive. Might be interesting to try when you're putting everything back.

  3. If you're keeping them where they are then yes, paint them. But only if you feel it's what you want to do. Hard to undo if you change your mind! If you are really unsure, try a declutter to freshen the space and if it's still not working for you, whip out the brushes and give it some fresh paint!
    X Briohny

  4. Perhaps have a play around with the arrangement on your shelves first before doing anything more permanent - although in saying that, I think bookshelves in white are great for making the books/items on them really 'pop'.

  5. Oh Rebecca your home has so much potential I would love to get my hands on it. Yes paint the bookcase white and you will be so glad that you did. You have a lovely wide hallway by the looks of the photos. I can imagine all the carpet ripped up and lovely floorboards either stained or painted. There would be no holding me back. Go fot it. Sandy x

  6. Hi Rebecca, I would paint them the same as your glass cabinet that you sruced up...I would dress it up with a few less books & add some fabulous knick knacks to break things up a bit. Your house has so much character, you must be wrapped!!!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Hi Rebecca. I'd say paint them unless you love what they're made of so much you can't bear to! I made the mistake of buying dark bookshelves and now I'm longing to paint them white! Fantastic hallway!

  8. Bec, you must post some pics of the outside! I have always driven past and admired your beautiful villa! Been painting the wine rack today ready for the arrival of the new ottoman.x

  9. I would definitely paint them, it would make the bookshelves recede into the background. At the moment they are dominating the space. Then whatever books and accessories you place on them will really pop.Keep to three colours max for the accessories for a high impact. Now, um, that carpet...can you not just rip it up? If not how about a neutral runner in a sisal? Ikea do a nice one. Thanks for visiting my blog with your fab pantry ideas :)

  10. Hi Rebecca - thanks for posting a comment today!! Have you tried the rearranging the books yet? I'd love to see a picture if you do to push me to do ours.

  11. Paint! I am embarassed to say this but I kinda of like the carpet too. It's got a retro coolness to it although of course, wooden floors ar nicer. thank you for your kind words today. x