Saturday, March 26, 2011

'Start the Car' Moment & Giveaway Reminder

I recently had a 'start the car' moment when browsing through one of my local op/thrift shops. For those of you who may not have seen the IKEA ad, the lady goes to the store and looks around nervously as she makes her purchases thinking they will change their mind on the price before she gets out of the store. As she gets out to the car park, she screeches to her husband 'start the car' start the car'!!!
Thinking there wasnt much in the op shop I was about to leave, when a rack became free to look at (it was quite busy this day) so I moved in to see what was there. Flicking outfits on their hanger, my excitement grabbed me, when a wrap dress caught my eye. I felt the fabric and looked up at the brand and my body did one of those adrenaline kick rushes. I looked around nervously hoping noone was going to say 'oh sorry I made a mistake', and I tried not to rush to the checkout and calmly placed the dress on the counter. My mind was repeating 'start the car' start the car'...... I paid the $2.50!!!!! and left the store feeling like I couldnt get to the car quick enough. Whooping for joy I sang to the radio all the way home.

                                                     Here is my MaxMara  dress

      The gorgeous fabric is so light and delicate and made of what is called 'tissue fabric'

 I will be wearing it with these - my new wedge heel purchase - Wittner black patents on sale for $39.95!!

                                               Love the heel look and so easy to walk in too

Dont forget to enter my giveaway here, I will be drawing it after work on Thursday 31st March.
Do you have a 'start the car' moment??
Enjoy your Sunday
Rebecca xx


  1. That's incredible - no wonder you were nervous. You certainly can't go wrong with a wrap dress, at any price. Enjoy. x


    This would have to be THE best bargain shopping I've seen EVER!
    The dress and shoes are perfect - (you wouldn't be a size 7 by any chance?) and for less than $50 in total - I seriously can't believe it!

    I haven't seen the IKEA ad yet but after seeing your score I can imagine you feeling exactly that way.

    xx Felicity

  3. What a find! Love the dress xx

  4. Ahhhhh So nice - something you can wear forever!

  5. Max Mara - girl you scored well!!!! Love the dress and the shoes too. Well done! ;-)

  6. Wow! I'm loving the dress and those wedges are the perfect thing to wear with it. Just gorgeous!

  7. Hey thanks for the comment on my blog. Those owls were from BB & T!! Look at your gorg dress and those shoes are to die for!!Maybe a photo with you all glam-ed up?

  8. Rebecca, I can' believe it...a Max Mara...for $2.50. Oh and I miss Wittners! Yes we had a 'start the car moment'...we were in QLD and bought 6 bottles of Jacobs Creek sparkling and the guy only scanned once...we assumed he put 'x6' into the register...and as we bought some other beer etc (no we're not actually alcoholics...we were having a party)...I didn't realise until my husband shoved me into the car and said something like 'quick lets get the bl**dy hell out of here'....naughty I know...we're usually extremely honest...but it was a big grog outlet...Robx

  9. I love a good deal - it makes the item look even better, doesn't it? Love your new dress - and those shoes!! XOL

  10. What a score!! I had a 'start the car' moment today in Myer when I bought 3 outfits for my oldest at 75% off with a saving of over $100. A lady was next to me and we both kept saying 'this can't be right' .... but it was!! Michelle

  11. 'Start the car' moment... love it! An excellent find and those shoes will go beautifully! Georgie x