Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Out of Action - Frustration

It seems my log in issue and leaving comments isnt solved as I had thought. I have left many comments only to have them not save or I am unable to log in. I have read some of your comments regarding this but they dont seem to be working with mine. As its our busy time here on the farm seeding I dont have the time to sort this as yet. So please forgive my lack (not for want of trying) of comments and posts.
My thoughts are with those who are having a difficult time at the moment personally. I have been thinking of you.
For some good news, pop on over to The White Shed to enter Letitia's gorgeous giveaway.
Enjoy your week and take care.
Rebecca xo


  1. Hi Rebecca, I hope you get the problem sorted out soon! I have had a few intermittent problems, but they seem to be mostly with not being able to follow people, but I can totally understand your frustration (and I LOVE the picture you've used to express that frustration!)
    Melissa xx


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