Monday, July 25, 2011

Fingers Crossed

This is one of two additions to the family.....

 Beba - Greek for baby girl
 meeting her 'sisters' for the first time - and a little shy...
 Maia & Beba
 Beba & Izzy
 And secondly - Thing - the funkiest cat around (why/how the name - dont ask!)
 After a big day...
Her preferred spot

I have my fingers crossed for several reasons.
1. I have had so much trouble blogging, I momentarily gave up - hoping this works.
2. These new additions are adding a challenge to our lives I knew they would bring. Its just adjusting the dynamics.
3. Im hoping my ever faithful blogger friends/community will forgive my absence.
4. My Dad has surgery this week, so Im taking Mum & Dad down to Adelaide. Mum Im taking out for high tea for her first time. We're staying at my sisters place - she has recently moved to the city after living here in the country 'forever'. So it will be good to catch up, and take our minds off Dad and hope all is ok.
Its routine and nothing serious, but you know how it is.
Hope you are all having a great week. I have so much to catch up on and if this works, the posts are drafted - on paper anyway!!
Take Care
Rebecca x


  1. I am so glad that your post worked Rebecca, of course you are forgiven, I can only imagine how hectic life can get with two new family members. I hope all goes well for your Dad and that you enjoy your trip to Adelaide. xx

  2. So glad to see you back online Rebecca, looking forward to seeing your next set of posts.
    Have a good trip to Adelaide, I hope everything goes well - Melissa xx

  3. I'm so with you here Rebecca, little Lulu is keeping us on our toes something fearful. Love all your fur babies! Hope your Dad is on the mend.
    Millie x

  4. Oh Bec your new babies are gorgeous! Hope all goes well with the op and mum enjoys the high tea. See you soon, Teesh xx

  5. Love you pets but please give Thing a better name. She deserves it. I hope all goes well with your dad. My hubby just had surgery so I know how stressful it is. take care xx.

  6. I’ve just stumbled upon your lovely blog. I look forward to popping by again for some more inspiration! I'm just new into blogging this year & have put together a daily blog on design, fashion, food, travel and anything pretty. and one on everything coastal
    I had a lot of fun putting them together maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.

  7. awwww hugs hope everything goes ok .. enjoy ur high tea ...cant believe jayne is in the city holy!!!
    take care
    Aileen xx